7 Ways To Raise Money Quick

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How To Raise Money Easily and Quickly With Little Effort

How To Raise Money Quick

How To Raise Money Quick

Here are some fun ways to raise money quick and easy. My top fundraising ideas require little to no planning or budget. If you are looking for online fundraising ideas, click here.

#1 – Penny Drive
You, members of your group, and volunteers can go door to door throughout the different neighborhoods in your community, asking residents for donations of pennies or spare pocket change. Most people are willing to give up a little extra coinage in their pocket. The fact that you’re asking for pennies or change may actually inspire many people to add a couple of dollars into your can as well.

#2 – Car Wash
Get your group together, make a sign, and throw a community car wash. You can all dress in silly costumes or swimsuits to make it more interesting. All it takes is some soap, sponges, buckets, and a source for running water. Make sure you set specific charges for different services you offer.

#3 – Online Auctions
At 24Fundraiser.com, your charity can sign up free of charge and enjoy a host of wonderful benefits, such as online auctions , donation pages and much more. Internet auctions for charity are a rapidly growing source for bringing in donations, and one that allows your non profit to reach supporters all over the globe. If you don’t have anything to sell, don’t worry. We’ve partnered with a wholesale dropshipper that offers over 200,000 items you can easily sell with no upfront costs or inventory to manage. You simply use their text and images in your listings, and once someone wins an auction, you order it at the wholesale price, punch in your customer’s address, and this company will dropship it straight to your supporter’s door! You keep 100% of the profits for your charity!

#4 – Yard Sale
This is an easy way to raise some funds over the weekend. Go through your belongings and find items you’re willing to sell. With good prices and a little advertisement, your yard sale can rake in some nice cash. You can also ask family members, friends, and others if they can donate a few items to your yard sale.

#5 – Beverage Stand
Find a good spot to set up a beverage and/or snack stand. If it’s a hot day, perhaps serve ice cold lemonade, snow cones, or cold sodas. If it’s a cold day, maybe opt for some fresh, hot coffee and doughnuts. Look for a high traffic, yet easily accessible spot for your stand, and make sure you check with your local city hall to see if you’ll need any special permits.

#6 – Catalog Sales
Door to door catalog sales are a popular method to raise money. You can search online for companies that specialize in selling fundraising products to see if they offer fundraising catalogs such as this. Group members and volunteers simply take the catalog door to door and ask people if they’d like to order anything from the catalog and support your cause. Collect their money. Then, fill and deliver the orders.

#7 – Donation Jars
Get some large glass or other jars. Create a sticker for each, with your charity’s name as well as some information about it and why you’re asking people to donate. Ask local vendors if they’ll allow you to put your donation jar in their store or on a front counter. Check your jar once a week or so and collect donations.

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