Effective Fundraising Ideas Are Tried And Tested Fundraising Events To Encourage Donations

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Effective Fundraising Ideas

effective fundraising ideas

Effective Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising is an essential part of any non profit, large or small.  Donations from supporters play a major role in the financial stability of these types of organizations.  Intelligent and effective fundraising ideas are crucial and good ideas can work to your benefit for years to come. Click here if you are looking for online fundraising ideas.

Before we begin, remember that there is a world of opportunity out there.  All it takes is some imagination, effort, and time to make your fundraising activity a success.

In this article, we’ll discuss some tried and true methods that have worked for non profits and charities for decades.  By adding your own special touches, you can even further improve your chances for achievement!  Make sure you let people know where their money is going, too.  If they know it’s for a worthwhile cause, they’ll be more likely to jump on the band wagon and donate.

My List of Top Effective Fundraising Ideas

Charity Auction

Hosting an auction for charity is a popular fundraising technique.  Advertise that you’re looking for items that people will donate to the auction.  Remember to give auction winners and those who donate items a receipt so they can write off their donations on their taxes.  This will help increase donations and participation.  Make sure you comply to all local, state, and federal regulations.

Charity Sports Run

Get people to sign up for a charitable sports run or other sporting event.  Have participants get people to donate a certain amount of money per mile  or make a one-time donation.

Holiday Banquet

You can throw this great event during any and every holiday you wish.  Set up a place where you can invite the public (or do an “invite only”) to partake in a breakfast, lunch, or dinner hosted by your non profit or charity.  You and some friends or volunteers can prepare a simple, tasty meal or you can hire a restaurant to cater the meal. Charge a reasonable donation per person to get in.  Make sure you advertise or send out invitations ahead of time and have people make a reservation so you can have a good estimate of how many people will attend.  Put on some music or offer some easy forms of entertainment to spice things up.

Karaoke Night

Have a great time hosting a karaoke night for charity.  You can purchase a karaoke machine or rent one from a local DJ and have fun for hours.  Charge $5 a head to get in and you can even hold singing competitions!

Game Night Competition

Add a little competition and entertainment to your event by throwing a game night party.  Everyone who enters can play video games, board games, and other games to compete for prizes.  You can charge a small entry fee to get in, such as $5 per head, and even charge for sodas and snacks or other items, if you’d like.  Offering some interesting prizes and fun entertainment can bring in a ton of donations.  Create a simple flyer or newspaper ad to promote your event locally.

Bake Sale

A wonderful way to raise money and involve your local community is to put on a bake sale.  Find volunteers and friends who will donate cookies, cakes, brownies, and other goodies and charge a dollar to participate in a cake walk and/or other activities where people can win baked goods.  As these events occur, also have tables open for people to purchase baked goods.

Car Wash

All you need for a car wash fundraiser are some sponges, buckets, soap, water, and a bit of gusto and enthusiasm.  A sign helps, too.  Before you get started, though, settle on a price.  What you charge should depend on how much work you do.  If you’re only giving cars a quick exterior wash, you’d charge less than if you were willing to also vacuum and wipe down the interiors.  If you offer more than one service, have different prices for those services. 

Yard sale

Go through your attic and closets, pull out those things you don’t use anymore, and have a yard sale.  If you want to go even further, get friends, family, and neighbors to donate items, too.  Let people know that you’re trying to raise money for a good cause.

Effective Fundraising Ideas Need Planning

When hosting any fundraising event, make sure to plan and prepare ahead of time so your event will be well-organized and run smoothly.  These effective fundraising ideas can get you started in the right direction or even inspire new ideas that can help you in your charitable organization’s goals and efforts.

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