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Best Silent Auction Ideas for Fundraising

Best Silent Auction Ideas for Fundraising

Best Silent Auction Ideas for Fundraising

Silent auctions are an excellent way to raise money fast but can be overwhelming and stressful. Using some of the silent auction ideas below can help you get stared gathering items for your event. If you still feel stressed, think about using a silent auction software company like mine at to mange some of the tasks. (Shameful plug, sorry)

Here are some exciting silent auction ideas

#1 Food And Drink Items

Food and drink are the best items for silent auctions. Fine bottles of wines and themed chocolate baskets, honey, cheese or wine are some of the best picks for a silent auction. You can also offer gift certificates relating to food like gift certificate for a cooking class, certificate from a local restaurant or certificate from a local brewery. Coking tools like a set of good kitchen knives, BBQ tools and cookbooks are also excellent items that will help you raise more money.

#2 Crafts And Handmade Items

Crafts or handmade items are one of the best silent auction ideas that helps raise additional money. There is no need spend money to collect these items. You can ask your team members to create fantastic craft items, which can be easily sold at auctions. Handmade greeting cards require a minimum investment on different color papers, charts, satin ribbon and a few stationary items.  Use your creativity to create the greeting cards and write some lovely messages, so that the cards will look adorable.

If you have any knitters in your community, you can ask them to make hats and sweaters for babies. The baby items can be in blue, pink and unisex colors.

Purses or large day–to-day bags can be handmade. The purses that are made with cute details can easily raise money.

Some of my School PTA clients have the students create crafts and the parents pay big money at auction.

#3 Tours

Everyone enjoys tours.  Arranging for local or nationwide tours to some unusual places is a great idea that can provide great results. Tour to a bakery, brewery or winery is a one-of-a-kind package that aids you to raise more funds than you expect. You can include the autograph of a celebrity to add to the value of the package. Most locations will donate a free tour to your organization.

#4 Kids’ Items

Kids Items are inexpensive yet appealing for a silent auction where families with kids will attend. You can offer a family fun box, which is filled with a variety of board and card games and snacks. Set of books, toys, basket filled with bubble bath soap, lotions and gift certificate for a visit to a zoo, museum or a water park can help increase the chance of your potential supporters bidding high.  You can also include items for older kids like fancy t-shirts, jewelry, stuffed animals or a collection of puzzle games.

#5 Garden Items

Nowadays, many people are passionate about gardening. Offering gardening items is one of the handy auction ideas that can enhance the success of your fundraising event. You can offer gift certificates from a local nursery or a florist. The certificates can be for a new flower plant every month or discounts on supply’s. Garden tools, bird feeders and garden sculpture are some other great ideas that can help make your silent auction fundraiser successful.

Offering unique, yet useful items for sale can open the doors to new supporters and give you auction something fun to talk about.

To help take the stress out of managing a silent auction, think about using a software to handle the small details so you can focus on gather items and managing your team.



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